AusNet is in the preliminary stages of a research project to understand household electricity and gas practices.

This project, being led by RMIT and funded through the Future Fuels CRC, has been established in response to the industry’s need for a better understanding of how people use and trade-off gas and electricity in their homes.

This mixed-method study will explain householder energy consumption patterns and practices, how they feel about and respond to different energy sources and how these are shaped by, or shape, vulnerability and/or affordability.

This knowledge of what drives household energy usage patterns will help better manage the transition to future fuels or all-electric homes. The study will go deeper than asking customers about their sentiment toward gas, and investigate the behavioural patterns and drivers behind the gas and electricity trade-off within their homes.

The trial will be undertaken with customers at the intersection of AusNet’s gas distribution area and Jemena’s electricity distribution area.

We will update this page once the first reports have been released, stay tuned!