Regulatory Reviews

Using the National Electricity Rules (NER) and the National Gas Rules (NGR), the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is responsible for regulating energy networks. This includes setting the network prices for electricity and gas so that consumers pay no more than is necessary for the safe and reliable provision of energy, and that we are acting in customers’ long-term interests.

A key part of the price-setting process involves energy networks preparing a written proposal outlining the services, investments and activities we propose to deliver in a 5-year period and how much they will cost. We have 3 networks, which means preparing and submitting 3 different proposals. They are:

  • For our electricity distribution network – the Electricity Distribution Price Review (EDPR)
  • For our gas distribution network – the Gas Access Arrangement Review (GAAR), and
  • For our electricity transmission network – the Transmission Revenue Reset (TRR).

A huge amount of customer and stakeholder engagement underpins the preparation of these proposals. In addition to our ongoing engagement activities, we undertake targeted engagement activities on the details of our proposals.

The EDPR, GAAR and TRR pages here on Community Hub focus on the engagement component of these reviews. Our key regulatory documents including our proposals and the AER’s decisions can be found on the AusNet website or the AER website.