Reporting on our customer commitments

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to understand and meet their needs. We aim to create a seamless customer experience, build trust and do what’s right for our local communities. We involve customers in our future planning processes and in the delivery of new initiatives so that we can improve customer experiences.

During our Electricity Distribution Price Review (EDPR) 2022-26 we co-designed customer commitments with our Customer Forum – a group convened to represent our customers’ interests as we developed our network plans. The commitments are a formal part of our regulatory arrangement out to 2026, so we take them very seriously.

AusNet reports against these commitments annually in the Customer Interactions & Monitoring Report (CIMR). The commitments and reporting requirements are designed to keep us accountable for delivering customer experience improvements and for engaging with customers outside the regulatory process.

Our Customer Interactions and Monitoring Report (CIMR) sets out our progress against these 6 commitments over a 12-month reporting period. We prepare this report in Q3 of each calendar year, for the 12 months to 30 June of that year.

Our customer commitments

Our 6 customer experience commitments are:

  • Building our understanding of customers’ needs and expectations
  • Establishing clearer accountability for customers
  • Aligning our incentives with customer outcomes
  • Fixing customer pain points and improving the customer experience
  • Collaborating with the community and taking care of customers in vulnerable circumstances, and
  • Making our organisation easier to deal with. 

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