Our transmission network

AusNet own and operate Victoria’s electricity transmission network – these are the high voltage lines that take electricity from where it’s made to where it’s needed, such as homes and businesses, and into lower-voltage electricity distribution networks. We look after transmission for the whole of Victoria and own and operate one of five electricity distribution networks.

The transmission network covers approximately 227,600 square kilometres and serves over six million people from more than three million Victorian homes and businesses.

Transmission Revenue Reset (TRR)

As a regulated business, we are required to lodge a Revenue Proposal with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) through a process known as the Transmission Revenue Reset (TRR). The proposal sets out our revenue and investment plans for transmission for a five-year regulatory period.

The process for setting revenue and prices begins with us undertaking extensive engagement with our internal and external stakeholders to understand the needs of the network, our customers, stakeholders, and other factors that impact how we operate and spend money on our network. Based on this, we develop plans for our network (our regulatory proposal) and submit them to the AER for assessment. Our regulatory proposals include details of our spending plans, which focus on efficiently maintaining the reliability and safety of the network and delivering valued services for customers. Our customers, their representatives and other interested parties are encouraged to provide feedback and submissions.

Our engagement activities

AusNet engaged extensively with customer representatives in formulating its plans for the regulatory period 1 April 2018 - 31 March 2022. A customer representative group, the Customer Advisory Panel, was formed so that various customer perspectives could be collaboratively worked through. The panel included consumer advocacy groups and representatives of direct connect industrial customers, distribution networks and generators. Open forums were also held, so that AusNet could hear from other interested stakeholders. These sessions explored specific parts of our preliminary plans in greater detail, encouraging feedback on different options and outcomes. Our plans also benefit from ongoing customer engagement and research programs.

More information

More information about the latest TRR and its outcomes is available on the Transmission network revenue page of the AusNet website.

To find out more about our latest revenue proposal, read: