AusNet's Vulnerability Research Grant

We are committed to building our understanding of our customer's needs and improving experiences and outcomes for our customers. We believe all customers - regardless of their circumstances and capabilities - should have access to fit-for-purpose energy services.

The Vulnerability Research Grant is available for social service organisations and public institutions to help fund research projects focused on customers experiencing vulnerability or with diverse capabilities, to help better identify and understand their specific requirements and how to best support them.

We use a broad definition of vulnerability and invite applications related to anything at the intersection of vulnerability and energy provision, such as:

  • Defining segments for customers with different capabilities and/or vulnerabilities.
  • Understanding ‘pain points’ different segments experience in their energy interactions.
  • Identifying initiatives and opportunities for AusNet to better support certain customer cohorts.
  • Understanding how customers interact with their energy supply (for example energy saving methods, who they go to for support with various tasks etc).
  • Defining and identifying communities with specific needs, experiences or barriers on the AusNet network.

For more information about the grant, please email

Applications the next Vulnerability Research Grant will open mid-2024.