Accessing electricity when you need it

We’re undertaking a big stream of work on the availability of electricity on our network and what it means to our customers and communities. Electricity availability includes:

  • being able to access electricity through our network (poles and wires) when and how you want to
  • interruptions to electricity delivery – when the power goes out
  • restoring electricity after storms and severe weather.

We’ve set up a panel of customers and other stakeholders to guide our work. In the next couple of years, we will also be talking to customers and communities on our network.

Guided by our customer and stakeholder panel

As part of our wider engagement program, we are working with a group of customers and stakeholders from across our network – from experts on energy to ‘everyday’ customers and community groups. We meet quarterly with this group, the Availability sub-panel, who guide us on:

  • customer needs and preferences about the reliability of electricity
  • the consequences of power outages on communities and customers, including impacts on other essential services such as telecommunication.
  • how our network copes with risks from climate change, including severe weather.
  • improving resilience while ensuring value for money.