Involving customers in planning

We’re involving customers in future plans so we can continue to improve experiences with our electricity network.

Customer experience includes:

  • communicating proactively with customers about outages, maintenance, and other disruptions
  • empowering customers to manage their electricity usage through education and self-service tools
  • providing courteous and professional service to all customers, regardless of their background or circumstances
  • providing accurate and transparent billing and payment information
  • ensuring customer privacy and data protection
  • collaborating with other stakeholders, such as regulators and local authorities, to ensure the best possible service for customers
  • continuously seeking feedback from customers and using it to improve service quality and customer satisfaction
  • timely response to customer enquiries and complaints.

To help us, we’ve set up a panel of customers and other stakeholders to guide our work. Over the next couple of years we will also continue to talk to customers and communities on our network through a range of research and engagement activities.

Guided by our customer and stakeholder panel

A group of customers and stakeholders from across our network – from experts on energy, representatives from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, to ‘everyday’ customers – are engaging with us as part of a wider Electricity Distribution Price Review (EDPR) engagement program.

The Customer Experience sub-panel meets quarterly and guides us on:

  • identifying problems customers face then developing commitments to address them
  • understanding how different groups experience energy services, such as rural or small business customers
  • diverse customer groups’ experiences with energy e.g., rural customers; customers experiencing vulnerability
  • reviewing and updating our customer service incentive program, to encourage us to deliver efficient and improved customer service and respond to evolving customer needs
  • developing tools to keep us accountable and ensure we deliver on the promises we make.